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Standardized References

Struki is the assistant for standardizing your reference lists automatically. You can import references from MS Word, Adobe Indesign or TeX applications, and Struki will automatically tag the content. In addition to that, it will link the references to CrossRef DOIs. Using the Struki editor you can edit imported references and tag them manually. Do an internet research by the Google-Lookup button in order to find more precise or missing reference details for your manual tagging. While exporting your references, Struki is able to deliver an output in one of the standard reference styles as APA, Vancouver, or Chicago. Struki can flexibly be incorporated into your workflow and - on request - be adapted to your individual needs.

Ihre Vorteile beim Einsatz von Struki

  • Einheitlichkeit Ihrer Inhalte
  • erhöhte Datenqualität
  • Zeitersparnis durch automatisiertes Parsen vieler Referenzen
  • hohe Kompatibilität durch Import und Export von Standarddatenformaten


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Put reference from Word directly into the text area (one reference per row).

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Reference Editor

Working in the editor you can manually edit and structure each individual reference. Imported references are displayed as full text in a clearly arranged formular view. Choose one of the reference types (i.e., book, chapter, article, web site etc.) and assign any reference parts to their appropriate reference element.

Thus allocated reference parts are tagged and highlighted in a associated colors. Struki will support you by suggesting formats for individual reference parts in order to make work easier and more efficient.

You can use both the mouse and short cuts for a time-saving working routine. In addition to that the Google-Lookup function will support your research.

Strukitags side
Strukitags side

Automatic tagging in batch processing

When structuring your references you can rely on Struki. Its heuristic algorithms for recognizing reference structures are designed to identify the most probable results. Doing this, Struki compares a number of structuring variants and chooses the best matches*. A great amount of data can be parsed in batch processing. Thus, it is not a problem formatting large numbers of references in quite a short time.

You can import MS Word, Adobe InDesign or TeX files and save your output in XML.

*The quality of the formatting output can be affected by the accuracy of the imported references. In order to normalize and correct the imported references you can use the Struki reference editor.

Standard reference styles

Struki allows you to be flexible as it supports various reference styles as APA, Vancouver and Chicago.

CrossRef and Google Lookup

Using the CrossRef and Google lookup feature you can research your references to add or correct your reference information.

Journal- und Namensindex

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Index for journals and authors

The automatic journal and name recognition can enrich the data quality of your content